Massachusetts-based designer passionate about creating functional products that solve significant world problems.

In a nutshell

I'm a print designer turned UX designer and I’m passionate about solving problems.

I understand that to be an effective problem solver it is not only crucial to design for user needs but to also comprehend the bigger picture of how a product fits into a company's goals, mission, strategy and brand.

I enjoy the process of understanding users as well as the emotions that influences their interaction with digital products.

Why UX design?

I’ve finally found a career that incorporates all my skills.

UX design combines research, psychology, empathy, communication, storytelling, visual design and most importantly problem solving.

All of the things I get excited about.


In my spare time

When I'm not pushing pixels, I'm:
🎥    Making short films
✈️    Seeing the world
🎮    Playing open-world video games
🎞️    Watching Transformers 2


I'd like to hear about your project