Learning management system

UX research to improve online learning experience at The Hanover.

Project overview

The learning solutions team at The Hanover were looking to move the learning management system to a new platform managed by a partner vendor.

Since the LMS was one of the most utilized platforms at the company, we wanted to make sure employees had a great online experience using this new platform. This presented an opportunity to uncover employee challenges with the current LMS platform and provide to our partner vendors, design recommendations that solve these challenges.


I collaborated with the learning solutions team consisting of the leader of enterprise learning, HR tech specialist, Instructional designer and HR support expert.

I was responsible for the user research phase of this project.
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For this project we wanted to understand the frustrations our employees experienced while using the current LMS in order to make design recommendations to our vendor partners as well as create a feature roadmap for the product team in an effort to improve learning experience for employees and managers at The Hanover.

Understanding the user

An experience-driven strategy

I wanted to focus on individual experiences with the current LMS platform which required a focus on UX research methods to uncover the employee pain points.

The audience

Target users for this research were employees and managers at The Hanover.

Research methods


I sent out surveys to a select number of employees and managers at The Hanover to get a high-level understanding of their experience using the LMS platform.


While the survey gave crucial user insight, I went further to conduct one-on-one virtual interviews with 15 employees and managers to dig deeper into their personal experiences using the LMS platform.

A lot of the discussions I had with employees and managers centered around:

  • Individual experiences using the current LMS platform
  • Their personal learning style/preference
  • Development expectations
  • Their process of navigating through the current LMS platform
  • Learning content they’d be interested in seeing on the LMS platform


Examining user trends

I collaborated with the product team to analyse trends from the interview sessions.


Personas developed to communicate employee and manager pain points to stakeholders with one persona representing the use case for employees and the other for managers.

User journey mapping

User journey maps developed to  explore opportunities to make improvements to the LMS platform.


The LMS platform had a number of problems:

  • Searching for content on the current LMS was a pain point for employees and managers at The Hanover.
  • The LMS also lacked role specific learning content for employees looking to develop themselves or transition into a new role.
  • Having two learning platforms also caused confusion as employees weren't sure which platform to go to for their learning needs.



We were able to ideate on solutions to the challenges with the LMS platform using the below how might we statement.

How might we improve the learning experience for employees at The Hanover?

Identifying market gaps

I conducted competitive research on several LMS platforms to discover gaps in the market that we can leverage to further improve user experience on the new learning platform

Going off of the results from my research, Docebo and efrontlearning LMS were the top LMS platforms tackling similar user problems with innovative solutions. Leveraging these solutions combined with our ideations would provide a better experience on the new LMS platform.

A shared vision and strategy

Tying it all back to business goals, we mapped out solutions that were most important to work on for the first iteration of the new learning platform and to also inform our product strategy.

Design recommendations

An improved online experience

Using my research to solve the underlying problem with the existing experience, I was able to provide the following design recommendations for the new LMS platform to the product team and our vendor partners:

  • Improved search capabilities to help employees navigate faster to learning content
  • System feature to enable managers assign courses to their direct reports
  • Holistic experience on LMS platform- A unified learning platform across the organization
  • Customized learning experience based on role and development areas
  • System feature to enable managers monitor development of direct reports
  • A learning community that encourages continuous feedback and collaboration
  • Curate new learning content
  • System feature to enable employees and managers view transcripts
  • LMS platform optimized for mobile devices
  • Customizable interface for easier accessibility to frequently viewed learning content


This project made me appreciate the importance of listening to seek diverse perspectives during every stage of the design thinking spectrum. As humans, It’s very easy to arrive at solutions through our own lens, which is inherently narrow. With this project I learned that listening with far greater bandwidth helps to understand other people’s perspective.

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